General Information

1.Entry QualificationPassed 10th class Examination under 10+2, With Math and science its or equivalent.
2.Duration – Electrician Training2 yrs
3.Duration – Apprenticeship Training1 yr

Skill Acquired/Developed

On finishing the course the learner will have however information on age, transmission and circulation line, overhead various kinds of cover, various sorts of wire, information on various sorts of wire measure. Earthing utilized in substation, power station, and various sorts of the capacitor in the AC/DC circuit utilized in the electronic and electrical establishment in enterprises. Development of various sorts of batteries and electrotypes utilized in it, he will ready to plan and fix batteries in the workshop. Adjusting and fixing of table fan, ceiling fan, exhaust fan, processor, water siphons, clothes washer, room warmer, AC.DC generator, transformer, information on single-stage and three-stage enlistment engine, starter, twisting of the engine, and hand-off utilized in AC/DC circuit. The practice of fastening on printed circuit board dealing with the circuit configuration plan HT/CT board utilized for Industries/workshop. Deformity shortcoming in various sorts of AC and DC starter and engine clock utilized in production lines and workshop and take up upkeep of apparatus, processing machine, caption CNC machine, associate various kinds of estimating instrument on the board loads up. Twisting of transformer field loop of DC engines and AC engines rewinding of armature starter winding, ringer/signal/NVC of DC starter. To make and create the various kinds of Electronics circuit as Disco light, water level marker, melodic chime, ringer, to sparkle the wire tube light and so forth In this organization told to fix the radio-TV and other gadgets circuit moreover.

Option of Employment

Can fill in as a Central Govt., State govt. also, Private Industries, Institution, as a lineman/wireman/support/electrical technician electrical chief/electrical contractual worker/administration specialist/master re-winder/make electronic circuit/tab expert/electrical upkeep/Railways Pilot and upkeep work.

Self Employments

An Electrician can begin a contractual worker of homegrown wiring and Industrial wiring and disco lighting in five-star inns. He will have the option to run his own electrical workshop and take up oil filtration of transformer on lines, Set up own shop for rewinding of various sorts of AC/DC engines, generator, and transformer, board wiring, transport bar wiring and estimating instruments wiring.

The circuit tester manager and is liable for any remaining circuit tester can pull the grant with the electrical power and must be enrolled with one electrical contracting organization at any one time.

Circuit tester might be utilized in the establishment of new electrical parts or the upkeep and fix of existing electrical foundation. A circuit tester is commonly not permitted to perform work for the public except if under the work of an electrical temporary worker